Is the Conscience in the Reality Simply Your Own Selfish Desires Rationalised?

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Is the conscience in the reality simply your own selfish desires rationalised?
In my opinion, I do believe that this could be the case as in definition, the conscience is said to be “an aptitude, faculty, intuition or judgment of the intellect that distinguishes right from wrong.” I believe that our conscience is formed from our life experiences and the way we are brought up, often with religious influences. My reasoning for this is because a person’s upbringing can be predicted by the way they behave, and often people who commit crimes come from poor backgrounds, distorting their moral conscience.
Most Christians believe that our conscience comes from God, they believe that this is what separates humans from other animals. They believe that to assist us, God has given us both the capacity and inclination to judge our own behaviour on the basis of His standard of right and wrong made known to us through His Word.
Conscience aids us in discerning what is right and good from what is inferior, wrong, bad. It encourages decisions that are acceptable in His sight and where there is a conflict, it attempts to persuade us to follow God’s prescribed way of righteousness. Moral consciousness is characterised by a sense of responsibility. When its urgings are ignored, we feel guilt, a complex experience that includes a sense of judgment, unworthiness, self-depreciation and estrangement from God, others and our self. This feeling can only be relieved by forgiveness extended to us by God and accepted by us.
Sigmund Freud regarded conscience as originating psychologically from the growth of civilisation, which periodically frustrated the external expression of aggression, this destructive impulse being forced to seek an alternative, healthy outlet, directed its energy as a superego against the person's own "ego" or selfishness, often taking its cue in this regard from parents…...

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