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Is Grass Growth Inhibited by Salt

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Does Salt Inhibit the Growth of Grass?
Michele West
November 22, 2015
Instructor: Dr. Matthew Routh, Ph.D.


During the winter months, many people use salt or sodium chloride (NaCl) on their driveways to melt ice and snow. When spring arrives and the grass in their yards begins to grow again, they notice that the grass closest to the driveway is not growing at all up to about 3 inches from the pavement and the grass up to about 1 foot from the driveway is growing much slower than the rest of the lawn. However, it may not be just the salt which is causing a high salinity rate in the lawn. Too much fertilizer can also cause a high salinity rate in the soil. This combined with the salt used to de­ice the driveway can cause the salinity rate to rise to a lethal level for most lawns. ("Can Salt Inhibit the Grass From Growing?", n.d.). When salt builds up around grass roots, it blocks their oxygen and water intake, gradually dehydrating them, thus causing them to wither, and if the issue is not addressed will also cause the grass to die.
Water run­off produced by the melting snow and ice during spring causes the salinity rate to rise to dangerous levels in the soil closest to the pavement which in turn causes the root system of the grass to be unable to absorb water and valuable nutrients needed for healthy growth. Controlled Experimental Method


References: Can Salt Inhibit the Grass From Growing? (n.d.). Retrieved November 21, 2015, from­salt­inhibit­grass­growing­75316.html…...

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