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Hello everyone this is Jie, Alex, Melanie, Runze,, we are doing today’s presentation, In this presentation we will analyze the issues of Richmond supply company. First we will discuss the background of the company then we will address the issues and theories which relate to this case. Finally we will discuss the short term and long term action plan. We will begin with the background.
Richmond supply co is a wholesale plumbing company which is located in Georgia and South Carolina and was founded in 1942. This company provides wholesale plumbing supplies and services the oil, gas, electricity and chemical industries. The company prides themselves on the trust and strong ties to their business partners and stakeholders. The owner of the company is Jasper Hennings ,who prides himself on the culture of the company, which reinforces the integrity, honesty and respect that is evident within the company.
Company policy reserves the right to punish or even fire workers who ignore, it is made clear to employee that they are not to use computer for non-work related purpose if employee was founded to breach this policy. Henry Darger is the Chief of Operations and major part of Jasper’s management team. A female employee has been fired by Henry because she has been surreptitiously accessing another worker’s email, as she is being fired she gets revenge against Henry Darger by revealing that he also has been seriously abusing the internet policy. Jasper then approaches Henry and questions what the female worker meant. Henry breaks down in tears and admits that he has been accessing pornography whilst at work to temporarily escape from his family troubles. These worker’s abuse of the work policy leads to the female worker’s dismissal and an investigation against Darger. Jasper has views Henry Darger as a longstanding and valued employee in the company and costly to replace.…...

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