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IOS110 Absolute and Relative Paths Worksheet Answers

1. Create the directory tree outlined below. 2. Use copy con or edit to create the files. 3. After you have created the directory tree, you may wish to record changes to it as you execute the commands.


Step 1:

1. Create the directory tree above 2. Use tree /f to confirm the tree structure is correct.

Step 2:

Write out the command path statement using absolute and relative paths. Execute the command. Check your work and make corrections to your path as necessary. If you don't know a command or switch use HELP to find the correct syntax.

1. You are in the LIB directory move the file gbush.txt to the BRITN directory and rename it tblair.txt

A: move \us\gbush.txt \britn\tblair.txt R: move ..\..\us\gbush.txt ..\..\britn\tblair.txt 2. You are in the PC directory; create a directory listing of the CA directory including subdirectories and files, organized by date and displayed one page at a time.

A: dir /p /s /od \ca R: dir /p /s /od ..\.. 3. You are in the CONS directory; display a graphical view of the GOV directory including files

A: tree /f \ca\gov R: tree /f ..\gov 4. You are in the GOV directory; delete the BRITN directory.

A: rd /s \britn R: rd /s ..\..\britn 5. You are in the CONS directory; create a new file called harper3.txt.

A: edit \ca\cons\harper3.txt R: edit harper3.txt 6. You are in the US directory; copy all files from the PAR directory with a txt extension to the US directory.

A: copy \ca\gov\par\*.txt \us R: copy ..\ca\gov\par\*.txt . 7. You are in the CA directory; copy the GOV directory tree including subfolders and files to a floppy disk on drive A: A: xcopy /e \ca\gov a:\ R: xcopy /e gov…...

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