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What impression do we get of Crooks here?
Crooks is known by his disability. This is represented when the narrator says ‘crooks the negro stable buck’. This suggests that not much respect is shown to Crooks because he has been labelled by his disability. The fact that we are unaware of Crooks real name proves this. Furthermore, he is also known by his race “negro”. This implies that Crooks is racially segregated from other ranch workers.

He shares most of his room with the Horses belongings. ‘Both for himself and the horses’. In my opinion, this shows how unfairly the boss treats Crooks. This is because he already has a little room as it is and because he is a permanent ranch worker he needs a lot of room. If most of the room will be covered by the Horses belongings there won’t be a lot of room for Crooks possessions.

Due to Crooks disability, he is a permanent ranch worker. This meant that he could leave his things lying around with anyone having a say. ‘Accumulated more possessions than he could carry on his back’. My interpretation of this Crooks has a lot of possessions which he has but only has a little room to them all in.

Previously in the novel we are aware that Crooks is unable to socialise with the other ranch workers. He has been isolated because of his skin colour. Therefore ‘he kept his distance and demanded other people had kept theirs’. This tells the reader how upfront and close minded of a character Crooks is.

Crooks also has a book called the “California civil code for 1905’. The writer creates an impression that if someone wants to be unjust to him he has something there as a support in which can help to be protected and stay safe.

Overall, the impression which I get of Crooks from this extract is that Crooks is a very blessed and grateful person. In addition to this, he dosent creates a big fuss about the fact that people dont…...

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