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Introduction to Masterpieces of the Drama
(by Alexander W. Allison, Arthur J. Carr and Arthur M. Eastman)

1. “The implications of such natural playacting are vast, for good and for ill – for good, because individual and social happiness depends on right acting; for ill, because misrepresentations, deceit, mischief, and falsehood can also be learned by imitation.” "Much of what we know we learn by imitation, by acting parts, by practicing what we shall say or do." Language, for example, is taught by making the learner repeat what has been said. Filipino children exposed to English cartoon shows tend to become fluent in the language used. Those who are exposed to violent shows like wrestling become aggressive, as a result of idolizing the characters involved. People tend to "copy" what they observe in their environment. What makes drama vast is the fact that "the essentials of drama not only inhere in social experience; in basic ways they determine it." Materials of drama were used, including music, dancing, and the reenactment of important deeds and occasions.

There are five epochs in which drama flourished, namely The Greek Classics, The Middle Ages, The Elizabethan Drama, The Neo-Classical French Drama and The Modern Drama. Looking back at the history of drama, it can be seen that each of these epochs has its own contributions to the modern drama.

The Greek Classics was the epoch in which drama has begun. The most influential playwrights were Aeschylus, Euripides, and Sophocles who wrote for tragedies. Another playwright known during this period was Aristophanes, who, on the other hand, wrote for comedies. Drama in The Greek Classics started out with one actor and developed until there were three.
In medieval ages, there were no names of individual playwrights. Dramatic entertainments were prohibited during this time because of the discouragement…...

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