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Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Action
Course Project
Eva Bonilla, Cristina Paliferro, Michael McClure, Spiro Tromboukis,
MGMT591, Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Professor Daniel M. Vonder Heide
October 11, 2015

This paper will provide a brief introduction of interpersonal communication. How effective and ineffective ways for sharing information, and ideas among other individuals. It can explain how the communicators, the message, noise, feedback, and the context channel are received. Communicating properly is a way to help individuals build trust and respect with each other. However, communication is important in learning and accomplishing goals. Even if a person would to use body language is a way of sharing ideas feelings and how committed a person is. Communication is one of the effective ways for a group to share ideas; however, communication can be ineffective with e-mails, texting, writing, and one of the biggest impacts is technology. Technology is a great deal but can impact how communication is presented.
Technology is one of the best tools to have; technology is what keeps an office running smoothly. If technology does not work properly then it can impact an organization in different ways. The impact could be ways of communication, sending out email and how the receiver, receives it. Technology has its impact with text messaging and e-mail communication; because using this type of technology can limit an individual in using proper English, and grammar. Therefore, these types of communication can impact a person professional environment. Using technology is fast, fun, and easy; however, technology can lead to misunderstanding among individuals, which will impact…...

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The broadcast and print media have been traditionally the way we’ve broaden our ideas and gained information. These medium used highly effective devices such as visual and audio communication through things like edited video, persuasive interviews and skillfully written articles that captured the viewers attention. In the broadcast media, of television and radio it required high level skills such as video editing, audio recording and the use of expensive and specialist equipment. Broadcast and print media, like the newspaper and television shows are......

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