Internet Has Impact on International Marketing of Companies and Consumers

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Internet Has Impact on International Marketing of Companies and Consumers

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Companies and customers in international marketing have been changed by internet. The internet influences on companies in three aspects in this article, place, price and promotion, which are elements of Four Ps of marketing mix. The place and price are focus on the cost and supply chain, examples of Zara and Walmart are provided to prove the statements. The promotion of international marketing is focus on advertising channel and communication. Three main things of time, space, efficiency are used to identify the influence on the supply side by internet. Some negative effect such as information explosion and viral campaign are mentioned. As to the demand side, consumers are able to access various information and get more options in purchasing. Buyer behaviors changes along with online shopping. In such competitive marketing environment, companies have to improve their products and services that meet customers’ need for profit gained.

The high level adoption of internationalization nowadays offers great opportunities in international marketing activities. As Internet has grown dramatically, more and more companies have realized its unlimited possibilities of development and have been involved in e-business. The purpose of this essay is to illustrate how internet can change the nature of the relationship between demand and supply. In the following paragraphs, three of the Four Ps, place, price and promotion, are given to illustrate how internet has impact on corporations’ international marketing. At the same time, more options offered, time reduced as well as space are mentioned to describe the impact of internet on customers.

First of all, internet has a significant impact on place of…...

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