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Interactive Advertisement Dynamics – An Overview

Interactive online mediums are increasingly becoming the primary channel for content consumption today. Consumers have embraced this participatory and collaborative medium and in parallel there is an increasing demand for short on-demand content at a low price – best fitted for online medium. Advertisers thus have a perpetually aggravated spend on internet advertisements. Moreover, online advertisements do have additional useful dimensions such as geo-targeting, measurable ROI, popularity and so on. Online advertisement and associated business models are best realized through intelligent implementation of an ecosystem around Ad-servers and its complementing technology enablers. This paper examines such online advertisement dynamics in terms of business, technology and where they converge.

Keywords Ad-servers, Traffic/Trafficking, Ad serving model, Interactive Advertising, Interactive Dynamics

Interactive Advertisement Dynamics – An Overview

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Rani Bisal Rani Bisal is a Domain expert and a member of the Presales team for the Advertising & New Media sub-segment for the Media & Information Services Business Unit at TCS. She has over 5+ years of experience in domain consulting with wide range of experience in the Advertising industry, specifically the Online Media and the Ad Agencies. She has a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. She can be reached at


Interactive Advertisement Dynamics – An Overview

Table of Contents
1. Introduction 2 Ad Serving - Basics 3. The Evolution 4. Ad-Server – How it works? 5. Key Players 6. Conclusion – The Way Forward 7. References 3 4 5 6 9 10 10


Interactive Advertisement Dynamics – An Overview

Interactive mediums such as the internet and mobile are increasingly becoming the primary channel for…...

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