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Intellectual Property Issues and E-Business Sample Test Questions for Final Exam Multiple Choice or True-False Listed below are several questions that are representative of the type of questions on the final exam. Please note that you must make only one selection for each question; further, there is just one answer for each question. 1. One-click mechanisms and shipment tracking are associated with which phase of the Customer Service Life Cycle? a. b. c. d. e. Retirement Acquisition Ownership Requirements Management b


2. Business methods are associated best with which form of intellectual property? a. Copyright b. Trademark c. Trade Secret d. Patent ANSWER: d

3. E-business today does not present any unusual problems associated with jurisdiction. a. ANSWER: True b b. False

4. Which statement below is correct? a. b. c. d. The EU encourages business method patents The US discourages business method patents Business method patents are not found in the US today Business method patents are found in the EU today d


Fill In The Blank Each statement has a blank space associated with the question. You are to select the correct response from the list of responses provided to answer each statement. Write the number associated with your response in the space next to the statement. Please note that there are more responses in the list than there are statements. Thus, not every response will be used, and no response is used more than one time. List of Possible Responses 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Software Patent Look and Feel Endorsements Deep Linking Meta Tags

______ The strongest form of protection for computer software ______ Most closely associated with copyright ______ May be used by search engines to help in indexing web pages


1, 2, 5

You would write 1 on the line next to the first statement, a 2 on the 2nd line, and a 5 on the 3rd…...

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