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Good Advertising or Not?
David A. Gatti
BUSI 612-Integrated Faith & Learning Report
Liberty University November 10, 2015

This paper will discuss a Bible verse(s) that would guide a marketer as they developed advertisements that would be considered within the boundaries of “good advertising.”
Keywords: good advertising, advertising ethics, corporate social responsibility

Good Advertising or Not?
Advertisements are an important vehicle designed to promote or help sell a product, service or idea (Young, 2014, p.35). As a dimension of IMC, advertising is “…most often associated with offenses that attract attention from critics and regulators alike” (Young, 2014, p.34). This can be contributed to the powerful effect whether perceived or not that ads have in persuading, influencing, disputing and or changing. According to Karp (1974), “Advertising can be that magnetic force” (p.1). Ad’s meanings, interpretations, and controversies can have adverse effects on consumers, societies and economies. There are laws, rules and guidelines in place to help protect the interests and rights of consumers, competing firms, affiliations and even the free speech of advertisers. Good Advertising
Despite designed preventive measures, of course, the consequences of deceptive and abusive advertising have resulted compensated harm and convicting lawbreakers. But, fortunately, the majority of ads overall, past or present, are considered as positive experiences which have created favorable impressions, emotional appeal, enormous benefits and high profits. But what constitutes “good advertising”? Are there standards to meet? Better yet, what does it realistically entail? It is more evident today any time before that the responses can be inexplicitly answered when examining the character and practices exhibited in the advertisers’…...

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