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Making my decision on whether or not to go to college was an easy determinant for me. I knew that going to college, I would gain information and skills that I could use no matter what career or job training I choose. The world is changing rapidly; more and more jobs require education beyond high school. College graduates have more jobs to choose from than those who do not pursue education beyond high school. Earning a college degree will enable me to start my own business, earn more money, and have self satisfaction.
Upon completing college, I want to start my own business. In order to do that, I need to get a business plan together, and I need to have all of the aspects of opening and running the business worked out for the short and long term. It will be hard work, but I know I can do it because I will develop the skills, techniques, and knowledge from college to successfully operate and own my business. Also, I will have the ability to communicate effectively and be able to direct others within my business. It is exciting to know that a bachelor’s degree will help me to obtain these particular abilities and master the latest methods.
In fact, owning my own business will allow me to earn more money. In owning and operating my own business, I want to be comfortable in making decisions and taking responsibility to ensure that I will be able to earn more money. Financially, earning a college degree is a wise choice. The rate of return in future earnings for every dollar a student spends on education makes up the cost of earning a degree. Although jobs with good pay are available to workers with lower levels of education, my general rule is that the more education I get, the more chances I will have to earn more money. After all, education will permit me to have steady and gross income.
In addition to earning more money, there is much self satisfaction…...

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