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Innovation is the process of putting an idea or invention into the service system which will create value to the consumers and will results to organisational profit. It is the process of creating something new that makes life better.

Innovation is impossible without passion and innovators see the world differently. It is said to be crucial to the continuing process but yet beneficial for the community and profitable for the business organisation.

In this modern history of computer age, the development and launching of GOOGLE search engine made a huge impact in every individual and to the community on all aspects of life. It was created to organise the world’s information and to make it universally and useful. Its goal is also to preserve history and making it available to everyone.

Internet entrepreneur and computer scientist Larry Page teamed up with grad school buddy Sergey Brin to launch this search engine in 1998.
Larry Page is the current CEO of Google and leading one of the most innovative and successful companies in the world, perhaps in history. Sergey Brin is the multi-billionaire co-founder of Google who has been involved with some of the company’s most innovative technologies including Google Glass, and Google’s self-driving cars.
( , “Creating a Better World Through Entrepreneurship,”) (

As a research project at Stanford University, Page and Brin created a search engine that listed results according to the popularity of the pages, after concluding that the most popular result would be the most useful. They called this search engine “Google” after the mathematical term “googol”, which refers to the No. 1 followed by 100 zeros, to reflect their mission to organise the immense amount of information available on…...

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