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Reliable Sources of Criminal Justice Information

In 1968 the National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice was established. In 1978, it was renamed National Institute of Justice. Headed by a political appointee of the President, its primary mission is to deliver tools and knowledge to the state and local level offices. These independent, evidence-based tools help law enforcement officers overcome everyday challenges of crime and justice by minimizing risks and improving daily operations.

The Justice Research and Statistics Association is an organization which works together with the Statistical Analysis Center directors, researchers and practitioners from all branches of the government. Their use of data analysis and applied research enables them to create undisputable criminal justice policies. Its website is virtually an unlimited gateway to criminal justice resources.

Comprised of law enforcement executives from city, county, and state agencies, The Police Executive Research Forum strives to improve professionalism and policing in public policy debate through involvement and research.

SEARCH, the National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics was created for the states, by the states. Its purpose is to assist in the development and effective operation of information sharing capabilities between local, state, and federal agencies.

The Justice Research Association based in Hilton Head, South Carolina serves as a policy institute specializing in linking law enforcement agencies with professional service providers.

The Police Foundation located in Washington, DC, is dedicated to helping the police agencies become more efficient and effective in doing their job. This non-profit organization conducts studies through information gathering and analysis to better criminal justice tactics to everyday functions of law…...

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...Effective Communication CJA/304 Communication in criminal justice setting is one of the most important components. Communication in the criminal justice system consists of Verbal and nonverbal communication. Being able to know the difference into listening and hearing while performing any type of communication makes it easier to perform any type of task while on the line of duty. Communicating and listening make formal and informal channels of communication in a criminal justice organization easier to handle and control when times of difficulties. (Rosenthal, 2002)Unfortunately, not all times communication in an organization is possible due to barriers that effect communication. Even though there are strategies that may be implemented to overcome communication barriers in criminal justice organizations not every law enforcement individual takes advantage of the help given. (Wallace & Roberson, ,  2009). In the criminal justice setting verbal communication consists of verbal communication. Information is passed on through memoranda and directives. In the criminal justice system verbal communication is not just the speaking but listening portion as well, it is highly important and should be explored. In order to understand what someone is trying to tell us it takes good listening skills. Verbal or spoken communication is dependent on certain factors and cannot be secluded from interpersonal skills that involve nonverbal communication skills, listening,......

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...Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Name Institutional affiliation   There are numerous law enforcement and criminal justice careers. One of these careers is that of a Crime Scene Investigator. The responsibilities of these personnel are not as exotic and glamorous as portrayed by many television shows. Responsibilities of Crime Scene Investigators Crime Scene Investigators investigate, evaluate, analyse and supervise investigations in the scene of crime. The do this by the use of techniques that are aimed at collecting, cultivating and securing physical evidence. They write reports about observations they made at the crime scenes, and create investigative efforts in the same. Upon creation, these reports are taken to law enforcement agencies for more investigations (Pepper, 2010). Crime Scene Investigators also have the responsibility of inspecting scenes of crime where burglaries, armed robberies, murders, invasions and sexual assaults have occurred. They do this by both processing and packaging physical evidence, briefing agencies of law enforcement and photographing autopsies (Chisum & Turvey, 2011). Ways of protecting evidence There are numerous ways in which crime scene investigators can protect evidence. Firstly, they can do this by calling for medical help, or offering the required first aid to any injured persons (Chisum & Turvey, 2011). This is important since the injured persons may be the main source of evidence, hence providing medical help will......

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...Crime is a serious problem worldwide that affects many societies. Because of this issue, we have had to come up with a complex set of laws procedures for dealing with those accused of breaking the law. I will attempt to explain the criminal justice process and the different avenues the process can take. When crimes do occur in the United States this is only the start of the criminal process. First a crime must committed or believed to be committed. Usually some one will call 911, 311, or flag down an officer or perhaps the officer will witness the crime him or herself. Some time criminals are caught in the act or apprehended some later. The choice to commit crime is up to each of us and is really the start of the entire process. Every thing that comes after is just a response to this act. The next step after apprehending a suspect is to read this person their Miranda rights. This is very important as a suspect could be set, free later on at trial if this does not happen. Law Enforcment officers at any level must verbally inform an individual of their rights. These are the right to remain silent, warning that any answers can be used in a court of law, and the right to an attorney. This is a good thing because the person under arrest may not understand the right afforded to them and unfairly incriminate them self. These right are mainly the consequence of the U.S supreme court ruling in the case of Miranda vs Arizona. (Miranda v. Arizona (1966),This law was not universally......

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...The criminal justice system consists of three components which are police, courts, and corrections. The police serve many duties such as administering the law, examining crimes, capturing offenders, condensing and hindering crimes, cultivating public order, implementing communities are safe, administering emergency and pertinent community services and conserving the fundamental immunity and privileges of individuals. The courts conduct civil and equitable trials, determine criminal cases, establish due process, actuating guilt or innocence, appointing sentences on the guilty, vindicating the law, requiring humanity throughout the justice process, shielding the rights and freedoms of anyone facing processing by the justice system, and contributing a check on the exercise of power by other justice system agencies. The corrections import sentences imposed by the courts, administer safe and humanitarian guardianship and supervision of offenders, insulating the community, rehabilitating, reforming, and reintegrating convicted offenders back into the community, and respecting the constitutional and human rights of the convicted. (Schmalleger, Hall (2011). The components of the criminal justice process includes; investigation and arrest where a crime has been exposed, evidence is accumulated at the scene when probable, a follow up investigation pursuits to recreate the sequence of activities and in some situations an arrest warrant may be issued and booking takes place after the......

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...The question of what causes people to exhibit criminal behavior is a question that continues to puzzle and intrigue scholars of criminology even after centuries of study. Many theories of crime exist. A couple of these concepts are the Classical, whose supporters insist that humans freely choose to commit crimes, and those which maintain that biological, psychological, and social characteristics influence criminal behavior. All philosophies attempt to explain the causation of criminal behavior, in different ways. Classical Theory The classical school of crime causation came about in the eighteenth century as a result of the Enlightenment and emphasized free will and reasonable punishments. Classical thinkers from this time period strongly believed that in order for punishment to be effective, it must outweigh the pleasure that may be derived from crime. There are certain basic assumptions associated with the Classical school. Among them are the individual action of free will, and most human behavior comes from the process of rational thought coupled with the ability to act freely. Another one of these assumptions were that punishment defined as a necessary evil required to deter law violators from repeating their crime as well as to present an example to potential criminals. Cesare Beccaria ( 1738-1794) was one of the first classical thinkers i noted in my studies. His publication of “Essays on crime and punishment” was an immediate success in it’s release in 1764,......

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... Introduction Good morning! We have a very busy day ahead of us everyone. So let’s get settled so that we can begin our day. We are going to discuss your role in the criminal justice in depth this morning. Please pay careful attention. As you all know you play a very important role in our criminal justice system. Failing to do anything that is covered under our responsibilities can make or break a case. So we have to pay very close attention to detail. If you have any questions please wait until the end of the presentation. I will address them then. The first step prior to ANY other action is the investigation stage. Investigating all of the suspects believed to be involved. This includes gathering evidence at the scene of the crime. If this is a case of probable cause this means gathering any witnesses with reliable information and writing a search warrant request so that you may fully investigate the matter. I believe that the investigation is the most important element. Without that stage there is no way of being able to prove one way or the other what happened or occurred. If necessary you can also request a search warrant for the suspect’s property. Keep in mind that we have to secure the warrants in order for the evidence found in the process of a search to be admissible in court. This is also a way of protecting the suspect’s 4th Amendment rights. In order to invade one’s privacy there has to be probable cause. A search warrant is only issued by a magistrate, if that......

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...html#ixzz1tRTlS8rU Read more: Assistant District Attorney Job Description | * Read more: Assistant District Attorney Job Description | Police Investigate Filing of Criminal Complaint After an alleged crime is investigated, the police initiate the criminal procedure by filing a complaint with the Magisterial District Judge (MDJ) in the area that the crime occurred. Once the complaint is filed, the MDJ will issue either a summons or a warrant of arrest, depending generally on the seriousness of the offense alleged. If issued a summons, the defendant will be notified of the date of their preliminary hearing in the summons. Preliminary Arraignment If a warrant of arrest is issued by the MDJ, or if the process was initiated by a warrantless arrest, the defendant must appear before the MDJ for a preliminary arraignment. The defendant will be provided with a copy of the Criminal Complaint and be advised of his/her rights. The date of the preliminary hearing will also be scheduled at this time. The district attorney will not be represent at the preliminary arraignment. Preliminary Hearing The preliminary hearing is also held before the Magisterial District Judge usually within 3 to 10 days of the arrest and preliminary arraignment. The district......

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