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Internal Control and Risk Evaluation

Kudler Fine Foods requested information on the controls that would be required if the company chose to follow the flowcharts prepared by Team A in Week Two. The following information will analyze the risks, identify the risks and internal control points, design internal controls, evaluate the application of internal controls, and discuss other controls.
Risks With Point of Sale Cloud Computing
After discussion, Team A chose to recommend a Point of Sale Cloud Computing System to Kudler Fine Foods. By design, the Cloud Computing System allows a company to determine how much capacity is needed and allows them to change the scalability as needed. Kudler Fine Foods would no longer need to be concerned with storage or having the internal resources available to maintain an in-house system. This allows a company with several locations to have access to real-time information, twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.
The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has outlined several risks that are associated with Cloud Computing Technology. While there are many benefits to Cloud Computing, it is important to understand the risks involved. According to “CSA Threats” (2010), “customers are also very concerned about the risks of Cloud Computing if not properly secured, and the loss of direct control over systems for which they are nonetheless accountable” (Executive Summary).
The first threat mentioned is abuse. Criminals continue to work on breaking new technology while avoiding detection. Currently, criminals target the Cloud Computing providers because the systems are limited in their fraud capabilities and their “relatively weak registration systems facilitate anonymity” (“CSA Threats”, 2010).
The second and third threats are insecure interfaces and malicious insiders. It is extremely important to make sure the Cloud Computing provider…...

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