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Saul 1. He was the youngest son of Kish. 2. Saul was also a shepherd. 3. He was the first king of Israel. 4. He was anointed by the prophet Samuel. 5. He was the son of Kish. 6. Saul, his first army, and a miracle from God, defeated the Philistines in their first battle. 7. After David killed Goliath, Saul made David his special assistant, and as David succeeded in everything he did, Saul grew extremely jealous. 8. His first test came when he successfully rallied the men of Israel against the Ammonites, proving himself to be an able soldier. 9. David gained fame as a warrior and Saul became jealous and tried to kill him. 10. One of his four sons was Jonathan.

Jonathan 1. He was the eldest son of King Saul, and the best friend of the future King David. 2. Although Jonathan was fiercely loyal to his father, they gradually grew apart because of Saul's increasingly foolish and erratic behavior 3. Saul's command to have Jonathan killed for eating honey after he won a major battle, which would have been carried out if the troops hadn't refused the order and Saul's repeated attempts to kill David, who Jonathan knew would become Israel's next king. 4. Jonathan became a supporter and ally of David. 5. The end came for Saul and Jonathan in battle against the Philistines. 6. David and Jonathan had a very good relationship. 7. Jonathan fought for the Philistines 8. He was a heroic figure of the Kingdom of Israel. 9. He was a Levite descended from Gresham. 10. He became priest of the idol image at Dan.

Jesse 1. Jesse was the son of Obed, and grandson of Boaz and Ruth. 2. Jesse was a key ancestor of Jesus Christ. 3. Jesse was from Bethlehem. 4. God picked from Jesse’s kids for who would be the next king. 5. The tree of Jesse is used around Lent and that also is what makes him…...

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