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DATA BREACH: Laptop stolen during office burglary contained names, dates of birth, medical record numbers, insurance and Medicaid numbers, billing codes and authorization status for 2,070 patients
DATE: Dec. 13, 2011

COBIT: DS. 5.4 DS. 12.2 DS. 12.3

GAPP: 1.2.7 Privacy incident and breach management: a process for complying breach laws and regulations including stakeholders breach notification, if required. 7.2.4 Misuse of Personal Information by a third party. The entity takes remedial action in response to the misuse of personal information by a third party to whom the entity has transferred such information 8..2.3 Physical Access Controls. Physical access is restricted to personal information in any form(including the components of the entity’s system that contains or protects personal information.). Physical safeguards 8.2.7 Testing security safeguards. Tests of the effectiveness of the key administrative, technical, and physical safeguards protecting personal information are conducted at least annually.


Consolidate O19, O35, MSB O15 and MACC O15
Should not add blank cell

No formula

MSB C52-N52
No formula to calculate pretax income

Should not add “Sheet1!G17”

Should multiply 0.13 rather than 0.10

Deferred D9
Should add 65 as the retirement age

The dates on each spreadsheet are different


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