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8. Comment on the dividend policy debate at New Wave Corporation. In your opinion should they pay dividend at all? Why or why not? If they decide to pay dividends, what kind of dividends policy should they adopt? Explain.
From this case, there are many debates about dividend policy in New Wave Corporation.
Joe Smolinski thinks they should continue retaining all their earnings and use the money for future investment rather than consider paying dividends first.
Jim Baker thinks they should consider to pay dividends, he said they should identify their existing shareholder groups and make a decision based on what the majority prefers because shareholders have waited a long time for dividend.
Bob McKay thinks they should use residual dividend approach
And Edwin thinks they should figure out how much they can afford to pay out based on their immediate investment needs and target capital structure and then repurchase stock at the prevailing market price with what’s left over.
At our opinion, we think they should think better of the dividends policy. Because shareholders have waited a long time for dividend, if they insist on don’t paying dividends, the company’s credit will decrease.
We think they have to pay dividends to shareholders. By giving them dividends, the company’s credit will increase, and it can prevent shareholders sell their own stocks.
It is a better way to use residual dividend policy, that way they can keep their shareholders happy and maintain their target capital structure. It is more beneficial to the company and also to the…...

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