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Leadership: Managing Director of Hayasa

In a small team of strangers, like the one thrown together for this module, the Managing Director should be the source of leadership and control over numerous responsibilities and functions of their team. • They should pursue the successful completion project goals. • They should keep the team motivated and happy, • They should ensure that the team is giving sufficient effort to the task.

The Managing Director should be the most influential and important member of Hayasa car company. The behaviour of this person directly affects the behaviour of his or hers group members, therefore they must show certain key traits and attributes which will exert their leadership and control into the performance of the team, but also themselves.
For Hayasa, the leadership was the key factor which influenced and built the group dynamics, the behaviour and motivation of the members during the practical, but also is what I believe the key problem to our lack of success in three years of trading.

“The power and influence perspective focuses on the use of power by effective leaders. Two major themes have been identified: a) social power: how leaders influence followers (b) social exchange: discusses the give-and-take relationship between leaders and followers through which leaders are themselves influenced as they try to influence others” (Bensimon et al., 1989)

My questions on the lack of social power our Managing Director would have over us began in the way she was appointed. Usually if someone would put themselves forward for a role it would be a fair assumption she would like to do the work which comes with this. To me, it became apparent over the module she was not interested in the module as much as I hoped a Managing Director would be. In our first meeting, she and I offered to take the role of managing…...

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