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Individual Analysis in Ghana

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A case study is an intensive analysis of an individual, group, person or event. This research method is common to science; this research strategy is an empirical enquiry that investigates a phenomenon within its real life context. Case studies began from the period of Maliknoski, Raddclife Brown, rather than using samples and following a rigid protocol to examine limited number of variables, case studies involve an in depth, longitudinal (over a long period of time) examination of a single instance or event, they provide a systematic way of looking at events, collecting data, analyzing information and reports, as a result the researcher may gain sharpened understanding of why the instance happened, why it did and hence which is more important to look at extensively.
An extended case study is a series of cases which treats each case as a stage in an ongoing process of social relations between specific persons and groups in a social system and culture. This technique requires taking a series of specific incidents through a period of time and showing how these incidents or cases are related to the development and changes of social relations among these persons and groups acting within the framework of their social system. In addition the ethnographer not only presents the reader abstractions as inference from his field material but also provides some of the material itself. This puts the reader in a better position to evaluate the ethnographer’s analysis, not only on the basis of the internal consistency of the argument but also by comparing the ethnographic data with the inferences drawn from them, particularly when several of the actors in the authors case material appears again and again in different situations. The inclusion of such data reduces the chances of cases becoming merely appropriate illustrations. The difference between the usual case studies and…...

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