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Training and Development
• Training and development
– Represents ongoing investment in employees and realizes employees are assets

• Importance of training and development
– Rapid technological changes cause skill obsolescence
– Redesign of work brings need for new skills
– Mergers and acquisitions have increased need for integrating employees into different cultures
– Employees are moving between employers more often, necessitating training
– Globalization of business requires new knowledge and skills Benefits of Training and Development
• Individual employee
– Increased employee marketability
– Increased employee employability security

• Organization
– Improved bottom line, efficiency and profitability
– Increased flexibility in employees who can assume different and varied responsibilities
– Reduced layers of management
– Makes employees more accountable for results


Exhibit 9‐1

Strategizing Training

Exhibit 9‐2

Levels of Needs Assessment

Setting Training Objectives
• Align/match identified training needs with training objectives
• Define objectives in specific, measurable terms
– Desired employee behaviors
Desired employee behaviors
– Results expected to follow from such behaviors

• One source of information for setting objectives
– Performance deficiency data contained in performance management system


Design and Delivery
• Critical training design issues
– Interference from and difficulty of overcoming prior training, learning, habits
– Transfer of newly learned skills back to job
• Choice of training environment approximating or simulating actual working conditions

– Organizational environment supportive of training and development

Computer‐Based Instruction
• Benefits

• Drawbacks

– Self‐paced
– Adaptive to different needs – Can be customized
– Easy to deliver
– Usually less expensive to administer – Can be conducted when convenient for employee

– Learners must be self‐ motivated – Cost of producing online, interactive materials i t ti t i l
– Lack of interaction with others may work against needs and preferred learning styles

• Integral part of overall training program
• Provides feedback on effectiveness of training program • Evaluation criteria should be established in l i i i h ld b bli h d i tandem with and parallel to training objectives 3

Exhibit 9‐3 (Kirkpatrick’s Four‐Level Training Evaluation Model)

Four Levels of Training Evaluation

Exhibit 9‐5

Link Between Training and Performance Management
(Appraisal) and Compensation and Benefits

Training should be conceptualized, designed, and delivered within a larger strategic context and receive an organization‐ wide commitment to ensure success.

Training and development of employees is a key strategic issue for organizations. Most of the organizations conduct specific, targeted, strategic training and development initiatives as strategic training and development initiatives as a prerequisite for continued success.


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