In Your View, Discuss How Marketing Communication Can Serve a Strategic and Tactical Role in a Marketing Campaign. Provide Examples

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Marketing campaign are specific activities designed to promote a product, service or business through marketing communication. Marketing communication are co-ordinated promotional messages delivered through one or more channels such as print, radio, television, direct mail and personal selling. Marketing communication can have either a strategic or a tactical role depending on the marketing tool use and the effects it has on consumers. A tactical role is one that implies ‘Short-duration, adaptive, action-interaction realignments that opposing forces use to accomplish limited goals after their initial contact’ (Quinn, 2003). Therefore, a tactical role is to be quick and fix in action expecting a limited or no result in the future; like for example a sudden sales promotion in response to concurrence Marketing strategy. In contrast a strategic role implies long term plans and consequences involving many of the organization’s activities and resources, and which could shape the company’s competitive position in order to fit some environmental change (Johnson et al, 2005). Marketing campaigns can be used for various reason, however so as to give my view on how marketing communication can serve a strategic and tactical role we will focus on five uses of marketing campaigns which are Introducing new product, build brand image, increase sales of product already on the market, change customer perception and fundraising for social causes.
When introducing a new product the main goal is to establish a market and build customer demand. The goal is the base for the marketing strategy. Thus the right strategy needs to be found, so as to be able to position the product through the right marketing communications so as to…...

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