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Importance of a College Degree

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The Importance of a College Degree

Every day millions of people in today’s workforce ponder how they can make more money. At one point or another they ask themselves, “Is this it?” The answer to this and other questions is quite simple: obtain a college degree. The importance of a college degree is more than a piece of paper mounted on a wall. A college degree represents hard work and dedication; most importantly, it represents a commitment an individual makes to themselves. It has become the harsh reality in today’s world; in order to have a possibility at a decent job, a college degree is a must.
As today’s economy continues to unravel, college enrollment continues to increase. So who is enrolling in college?
In 1970, 8.6 million high school graduates were enrolled in degree-granting institutions including colleges and universities. By 2006, 17.7 million people were enrolled in degree-granting institutions. Projections by the NCES in Digest of
Education Statistics, 2007 estimate that in 2011, enrollment will surpass 19.1 million, and by 2016, 20.4 million students will be enrolled in college, graduate, or professional school. Total fall enrollment in degree-granting institutions by sex, age, and attendance status, selected years, 1970-2016. (“Education of American
There are individuals who feel that college is not for everyone, there are success stories corroborating this very point. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both who are college dropouts and have gone to become very successful in the business world. There are many people who are successful

2 in their own rights and have not felt the need to attend any college program. Once the required twelve years of school are complete; there should be no need for further studying. This should be the time to put in practice what has been learned at school. According to Walt Gardner,…...

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