Impact of Advertisement on Consumers Purchasing Behaviour – Case Study of Black Berry Phone Advertisement "They Are the Black Berry Boys"

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Impact of advertisement on consumers purchasing behaviour – Case study of Black Berry phone advertisement "They are the Black Berry boys"

Index 1. Impact of advertisement on consumers purchasing behaviour
2. Case study of Black Berry phone advertisement "They are the Black Berry boys"
3. Conclusion

1. Impact of advertisement on consumers purchasing behaviour

Every organization, or rather, Brand, invests a lot of capital on marketing, a major chunk of which is spent on making ads and this creates an influence on the consumer. Getting an iconic celeb like Amitabh Bachchan to speak about a product like Navratna Hair Oil, it seems like a piece of cake nowadays. But, to how much extent does these ads actually affect the consumers?
Do they actually buy a product just because their favourite film-star is endorsing it?
Is it possible that a product can change its image on the consumers overnight, just because of the flashy ads they just released?
As being incorporated or associated with the
Marketing process, advertising finds its position in every organization. Advertising can be defined as another strategy as an approach towards competitive advantage. Various advertising concepts are in the stream of the media and papers but still there is a little evidence that advertising can significantly help the organization boosts its performance. In terms of sales, it is true that the application of the marketing and its associate strategies can gain the consumers trust and loyalty, and in return, can enjoy the benefits of the market share. To illustrate this topic of “Impact of advertisement on consumers purchasing behaviour”, I have a case study as an explanation.

2. Case study of Black Berry phone advertisement "They are the Black Berry boys".

As we are very much aware the latest…...

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