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Immigration Pros and Cons
The following article explains the immigration pros and cons in detail. Read on to know whether immigration is advantages for the host country and the immigrant or not...
Immigration, which can be defined as the moving away of people, from one's own country to another country, in search of better standards of living or for education or to escape any ill circumstances in one's own country, has been a world phenomenon since ages. Today, with globalization and the entire world becoming a kind of single economy, where people are free to move about to work or do business in any other country, immigration is pretty common and a large phenomenon. Although, there are both advantages and disadvantages of immigration, still they do not deter people from moving away from their own native land to live in some other country. Given below are the commonly experienced and observed immigration pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Immigration


Better Standard of Living
One of the most important advantages of immigration, on an individual level, is that people are able to earn a lot more than in their native country and thus, have a better standard of living.

Personal and Professional Growth
Another advantage of immigration is that when people from different cultures, with their own set of values and ways of working, come in contact, they tend to imbibe some of the useful and good values and working methods of the others and thus, grow as individuals and professionals.

Cheap Labor
Immigrants of a country are often more willing to work hard and that too at lesser wages, compared to the local population. Thus, providing cheap labor to the industry is another major plus point of immigration and urbanization.

Economic Growth
Speaking of the pros and cons of immigration in America, the biggest advantage of immigration is that it increases the number of…...

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...Immigration law should not be restricted America is not gold! Over a million immigrants come to the U.S each year (I.C.E 2007). The U.S has become an attractive zone for immigrants worldwide, and many people wonder why immigrants migrate to the U.S. People migrate to the U.S for different reasons; one of the main reasons why people migrate is family reunification (Deparle2). They don’t migrate because it has tall buildings and big cities, but because of problems back in their countries such as, lack of money, lack of freedom of religion, and because of unstable political condition. Subsequently, immigrants to the United States collaborate to the development of the nation in many ways. They do unwanted jobs and pay taxes. One reason why immigration seems so potent is that, it increased unexpectedly (Depaele3). The United State is the leading country with more immigrants. It has estimated that there are 241milliom migrants across the globe, an increase of about 37% in two decades, with many of them coming from North America (Deparle3). According to recent statistics, over a million immigrants in the United obtain legal permanent residence each year (I.C.E2007). Since the liberalization of immigration policy was passed in 1969, the number of immigrants in the country increased highly, from 9.6 million in 1970 to 38million in 2007. 1,046,539 million people were naturalized as U.S citizens 2008(I.C.E2007). The leading emigrating countries were Mexico, India and......

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...Karina Castillo Literature Comp II Professor Oujo     the purpose of this essay is to explore several harmful but also positive effects that immigration has the economy of the U.S The Cold war had become a massive dominant influence on different aspects of the American society for much of the 20th century. This had many effects on society, both today and in the past. It expanded due to antagonist values between the United States, it represented capitalism and democracy. The Cold War was different from most wars in that it was as much of a promotion war as a war with military engagements. The Korean and Vietnam Wars are two examples of military intervention by the Americans in the name of stopping communist expansionism. However, these wars did not have the extra-long impact that the Cold War have on American domestic and foreign policy that the cultural, economic and political battles of the Cold War had. Now this leads into the cultural battles between the superpowers had as much, or more. This left more of an impact on the everyday lives of most American civilians. Not being an American civilian or citizen wasn’t an issue either. So is immigration a positive effect in North America? Without immigration, The United States would not be nearly as diverse as it is today. But illegal immigration is a tremendous drain on the resources of The United States. But we must find a way to humanely treat illegal immigrants today without allowing or encouraging a further......

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...Immigration Immigration has always been a huge topic for discussion in the United States of America, but with the recent statements made by Donald Trump and the other Republican candidates, the topic of immigration has received more media attention than normal. I believe that Immigration is a good thing for the US so long as it is legal and controlled in some way. From my own personal experience, my parents immigrated to the United States after the Vietnam War and have been in the country for over 30 years. I do not believe that my parents or the majority of Vietnamese immigrants have had a negative impact on the United states but instead have actually helped bring some of our culture to the western world introducing Americans to things like the Lunar New Year’s, or even things like Vietnamese cuisine. I think immigration has played a big role in helping America become the great diverse nation it is today. But i also believe that immigration should be strictly controlled and monitored so that just not anyone can come into the country because even though the vast majority of people are good people there are still those who wish to do us harm. Having strict policies and making the immigration process a bit more difficult will help prevent these bad people from entering the states and causing harm to our loved ones. Immigration in the United States is one of the key factors of why the US is considered one of the best countries in the world because we allow people from......

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...Abstract Immigration is the subject of much debate in the United States. Throughout that debate many differing topics are discussed including politics, national security, financial burden and over population. The topic that many would expect to see here is race but it is not part of the current discussion on immigration. Immigration Immigration has been a controversial subject throughout the history of the United States. In the past much of the conversation about immigration had to do with race and racism. Today the conversation has shifted to topics such as politics, security, financial drain on society, and overpopulation. Race is no longer the driving factor in the current debate over immigration in the United States. Politics If you were to look in the newspaper or online for the topic of immigration most of what you will find is about President Obama’s immigration reform. In November of 2014 Obama enacted an executive order to protect up to five million illegal immigrants from deportation. Since then Obama has been sued by a coalition of 25 states. A Texas court issued an injunction to stop Obama’s executive order from being implemented (Hill, 2015). This injunction was then upheld by a federal court and the Justice Department now plans to appeal that decision (Hill, 2015). Immigration has become a very political issue that both Republicans and Democrats feel requires change. Unfortunately the two parties have yet to come to any sort of agreement as to what those......

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...Immigration July 15, 2016 I agree with many of your points, you have addressed some vital points. I myself an immigrant, but I don’t think bringing refugees or immigrants is not always a healthy decision for nation’s economy. From economic point, how this refugee or immigrant enhance GDP when he or she doesn’t even speak a single English word. I see all the Regina Open Door, Saskatoon Open Door or newcomer centre across the country are filled with new refugees who can barely communicate. Not knowing English is not a fault, but for teaching them basic English government (especially federal government) have to spend millions of dollars, moreover they are receiving fund about $1000-$1400 (depend no. of family members) from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). There are many potential students in Canada who can’t even afford to go to University or colleges. Many high school or elementary school students living in pathetic situation; many of them have to stand in the line at Salvation Army or Regina Food Bank for food instead of going to school. A nation is obliged to feed its citizen first. Beside these organizations like Regina Open Door, Saskatoon Open Door are highly subsidized or almost completely funded by Government. Why government should spend millions of dollars on those who didn’t even spend a single penny on country’s GDP yet, while lots of people, especially in reserve, are striving for food, malnutrition and living in unhealthy environment. Lets a take a......

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