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(adv.) on or toward the rear of a ship

The passengers moved abaft of the ship so as to escape the fire in the front of the ship. abandon

(v.; n) to leave behind; to give something up; freedom; enthusiasm; impetuosity

After failing for several years, he abandoned his dream of starting a grocery business. Lucy embarked on her new adventure with abandon.


(v.) to degrade; humiliate; disgrace

The mother’s public reprimand abased the girl. The insecure father, after failing to achieve his own life-long goals, abased his children whenever they failed.


(v.) to shorten; compress; diminish

His vacation to Japan was abbreviated when he acquired an illness treatable only in the United States.


(v.) to reject, renounce, or abandon

Due to his poor payment record, it may be necessary to abdicate our relationship with the client. aberrant (adj.) abnormal; straying from the normal or usual path
The aberrant flight pattern of the airplane alarmed the air traffic controllers.

His aberrant behavior led his friends to worry the divorce had taken its toll. abeyance (n.) a state of temporary suspension or inactivity Since the power failure, the town has been in abeyance.


(v.) to hate

By the way her jaw tensed when he walked in, it is easy to see that she abhors him.

The dog abhorred cats, chasing and growling at them whenever he had the opportunity. abject

(adj.) of the worst or lowest degree

The Haldemans lived in abject poverty, with barely a roof over their heads.


(v.) to give up

The losing team may abjure to the team that is winning.


(n.) a denial

The woman’s abnegation of her loss was apparent when she began to laugh.


(v.) to loathe; to hate

Randall abominated all the traffic he encountered on every morning commute.…...

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