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Car sales 27 percent up he study will have irregular students of CFAD in all levels. All of these participants were selected through random sampling. This sampling method is conducted where each member of a population has an equal opportunity to become part of the sample. As all the participants have an equal chance of becoming a research participant, this is to be the most efficient sampling procedure. In order to conduct this sampling strategy, the researcher defines the population first, lists down all the members of the population, and then selects members to make the sample. For this purpose, a self-administered survey questionnaire is given to the respondents to answer.
The irregular students assessed to answer the following questionnaire. No inclusion criteria were applied for the individual applicants; hence, all were made part of the population. However, due to time and budget constraints, the researcher opted for a smaller sample size.

Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

A survey will be conducted to determine the main cause of being an irregular. There has always been one initial reaction regarding this topic and this research aims to give answers to the many questions that go on concerning a position that irregular student are put into.
Irregular students are oftentimes stereotyped. And as a result, they begin to stereotype. As this certain situation is being explained, other people outside the group of irregular students and irregular students themselves begin to understand that being one may affect lives greatly. It may be negatively or positively depending on that certain person.
This research will give a clear statement on the life of irregular students in the College of Fine Arts and Design in the University of Sto. Tomas. This research involves a number of students that can surely relate to this certain situation.…...

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