Icon Analysis: Johnny Depp

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Icon Analysis: Johnny Depp
Mikael Stoffer
Baker College of Owosso

Icons are recognized everywhere from producer, actor, model, worker, the list could go on forever because icons are anyone who is very successful and recognized widely as a symbol. An Icon has to be someone who is admired and considered successful to not only one person, it has to be a good chunk of people who can all agree that they are considered an icon to many people. But there are few people who would be considered an icon in the invention field because so many people are inventing things nowadays. But there will always be a set of people that come to mind when thinking of those few people in such a big field of interest like inventing, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Bill Gates, the list could go on till you do not recognize anyone else. With actors there are plenty to choose from because actors can play many roles and be considered the star of the show or movie but even a side character can be considered an icon because they lifted spirits in a movie, but in most cases it is because they played so many roles. I’m going to be analyzing an actor that has so many roles he is considered to be Hollywood’s man of a thousand roles (Skillern, M.). His name is Johnny Depp, and he has played many eccentric and villainous roles that he is widely considered an icon throughout the entire acting community. Johnny Depp is the icon of Hollywood’s actors, one of the top 10 fashion icons and could be many more that could be considered an icon above all worldwide. He started becoming known as a Hollywood’s rising star when he landed the role in Tim Burton’s movie, Edward Scissorhands, and then started his career as a thousand roles once he starred in the movies Sleep Hollow and Charlie and the Charlie Factory. But his real career as an icon started when he claimed the role as Jack Sparrow In the…...

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