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Paper 2 section C essay 1
Question: “with reference to one or two organization that you have studied. Discuss how marketing strategies may differ in two cultures you are familiar with”

Marketing strategies are the ways in which a business offers the consumers a product, and also offers a way for the consumer to find out more about where to purchase the product and at what price. Marketing strategies include the 4 Ps: product, price, place and promotion and are used to increase sales revenue, profit and also customer awareness. Marketing strategies may differ between two different cultures, as the business has to appeal to two different consumer markets. For example Mc Donald’s in a country such as America would have the different marketing strategies compared to a country such as India.
Although Mc Donald’s is a franchise and has to follow a core menu set by the franchiser, it has to adjust its products to the country it is located in and the culture. The products that Mc Donald’s sells has to appeal to the market and the local culture. Since in India 85% of the population doesn’t eat beef or pork or will ignore any restaurant that serve beef, it really wouldn’t make sense for them to sell beef. In order for Mc Donald to maximize sales it would have to convert into selling chicken products to allow them to attract a lot of customers. But there is a problem in India there are a lot of other large franchises that sell products based of chicken, so Mc Donald will have to find a new way using the 4Ps from the marketing strategies to allow them to stand out from their competitors.
In India for Mc Donald to stand out from the competitors, they had an innovative idea which is Mc delivery. So for them to have a higher sales revenue they decide to introduce home delivery of their products to the homes of their customers which was an innovative strategy. The United…...

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