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Che Hung Su
Mrs. Noll
IAH206-Sec 735
June 30 2015
Reflection Paper The story that I had chosen in The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction is Eileen Gunn’s Computer Friendly. The objective of the story is taking about the virtual reality and it has been put the category of “Computer and Virtual Reality” in the book. In my perspective, the story is not just about the computer and virtual reality, it is talking about the utopias and dystopias. I know my opinions might not be right since I am not some professor or expert in the philosophy, but here is my thought. In the story, Elizabeth has been taken to a place to do an adaption test by her dad. Luckily, Elizabeth scores high point in the test so that she does not have to go to the “Asia Center,” where is a trash can to down all the children who have low score. And the story revealed at the end that Elizabeth’s brother, Bobby, who had better score than her has been put down, too. Only his brain has survived and it has been used as the hardware of a computer to maintain the system and so as her dog, Brownie, his brain has to put into the system for traffic regulation. To me, this is a horrify story because if this is our future, it is a dystopias. We are not living in a free will and even our lives’ purpose is serving as the hardware component of a computer. If we are not suitable for the computer, we will be trashed. Gunn does not give much about the background, but she has stated that the building that Elizabeth took the test is built before the war. I can assume that there is World War III and the war almost destroy the mankind or human have the war with High A.I. computer like Skynet in the Terminator. Nevertheless, both situations lead to one result, human was almost extinct or lost the war and now human is depending and listening to the computer. “He had just come off work, and she knew he would be…...

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