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My cicuit training program is going to be a 12 week plan, to improve my overall physique and muscular endurance.i will be doing 2 different circuits, one beng a body weight circuit and the other a free weight programme will include 3 sessions per week and start with 3 sets of 8 repetitions, after each set I will have a minute rest.i will measure my progression by decreasing e=rest periods and increasing the amount of reps. Also if I gradually start to find my sessions easier it will show my progression, as my cardiovascular endurance will have increased.
My short term goals
My short term goals, are what I hope to achieve at the end of each training session. These will be to… * relieve stress and become more focused * improve my self esteem and confidence

long term goals long term goals are what my whole program is working towards, these goals are… * to improve my muscular strength and endurance * to improve my physique and muscualar appearance * to lower my risk of health diseases like high cholestral and obesity my program needs to be SMART
Specific-my circuit is specific to improving my personal sport being football, I would like to increase my muscle mass and endurance and my cv endurance, to improve my stamina on the pitch and my tackling strength.
Measurable- I will use the fit method, frequency,intensity and doing this I will make my sessions more frequent and increase the intensity by having shorter rest periods.i will record my progress and see if I am finding it easier.

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