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Mark Anthony R. Casem

MBA - 1


29 October, 2011

MARK as an Individual

(My style, passion and personality)

Every individual is unique creatures of God, we have our own distinctions, own differences in style, in handling responsibilities, even in accepting and coping mechanism on how could adjust in our present situation.

I’m a self proclaimed extrovert, I’m comfortable in dealing with other people and resulting to be outgoing and having positive emotions most of the time. I’m sociable required by the situation, I usually talk active with sense, which produces intellect talk and I’m glad dealing and making friends. I usually love starting the conversation to the new acquaintances I have met in different gathering.

Part of my personality is my job- related attitude, my job gives me satisfaction because I always challenge myself doing a multi- tasking job and when the management always trusted me to lead projects which gives me a high self-esteem. On the other side, I’m not always been looking for a specific rewards, a simple encouragement my uplift my morale, when I used to accomplished the task with an excellent remarks.

Definitely I always accept something new and challenging task to be a better individual. I usually want to take the risk and when I’m thinking I will be failed with my decision, I see to it that I have other options to bring back on my sense and drive for a future growth. In making decision, I usually outline what would be the outcome of my decision, to gather facts and cons of the situation, to make my decision, action and in the end I was reflecting on it. Usually, I can make a proactive and reactive decision that much cause changes for me.

I also a team player and mostly I love to lead people in the organization. Others my find me as a risk-taker, snappy individual, an organizer and some people in the group misunderstood me when I decide, when I handle responsibilities. I always aimed finishing my task on time and with excellence. But for those who understand me style, their gives the best support I need when I do have projects. I always looking for the immediate response solutions to my problem I have been encountered, that’s why I easily cope with what the environment really have.

In interaction process, I usually grasp all necessary things I needed to know from time to time. I need to update myself what happen to my organization, to my present environment and those people surrounded me. Others find my happy go lucky individual, strict but a counselor and confidante. When there are times that the situation couldn’t anyone know how to resolve, others passed the job on me because they really know I will make necessary improvement to resolve the problem.

I feel motivated when; someone appraised me high, when someone gives some value to my contribution and when their looking what I could give. I also got motivated when I see my subordinates performing their job well and when I learn from them that contribute so much on my career.

Having working at the Business world for almost six years now, gives me significant in all the things that I am doing. A process of continuation to become better individual and in need I want to see the other side of me sharing what I have learned and applying it on the other way around. Sometimes, I got bored with my daily routine being on the office work or operational side. I want always accept challenges and more thrilling job in the future. I want to put some twist on my career to see if I can perform it well.

I always valued those people I met and contribute so much in becoming a better one. Continuous education is the need of all the employer and employees now, because some of our knowledge becomes obsolete and we required upgrading our self to the next level.

Someday, somehow I will be in the field that I dreamt to be which give more satisfaction in my life. I do have planned pursuing Post Graduate Education soon, given chances, is the way that I need to prove to myself that I really can go so far and looking back on how I surpassed all the challenges gone through my way to struggle and becoming a better young professional.…...

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