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Human Fetal Tissue Research

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The Use of Discarded Human Fetuses for Research

Despite religious views using discarded human fetuses for research is ethical, instead of simply disposing the aborted fetus there is the chance of finding a cure and changing millions of lives.
Fetal research is exploration of fetal tissues. In this paper aborted fetuses will be the topic of discussion. “Fetal tissue research involves cells from dead fetuses that are harvested for the purpose of establishing cell lines or for use as transplantation material and other purposes.” (1).This type of research has led to the discovery of many different things, including: vaccines, diagnostic techniques, and treatment of maternal hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes. There are many types of research that use human fetuses. First is general fetal research. General fetal research is used to develop vaccines and to study characteristics of human development. Fetal tissue research is “research involving transplantation of multipotent cells” (2). Fetal tissue research is being used to develop potential treatments for conditions, such as diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Lastly in vitro research is being conducted. This is being used to understand and develop treatments for infertility. Research involving human fetuses is very controversial. Religious beliefs oppose the idea of this kind of research. Extraordinary results are coming from the studies being done, but views of all people must be considered.
Many people are against human fetuses being used for medical research. Many people have this belief because of religious views, or because of a learned perspective. It is considered inhumane and gruesome. These people believe that researches are treating “the most vulnerable members of the human community, the unborn, as disposable instruments to be used for…...

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