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Also, please consider and discuss where the company is now, a few years later, with regard to Taco Bell in India. Have they achieved higher brand awareness, growth and profitability/success? If not, what suggestions do you have for them? What does your team suggest for Taco Bell in the future? Are there other regions for expansion?

YUM! Brands, Inc. now operates in six divisions: YUM Restaurants China (China or China Division), YUM Restaurants China (YRI or International Division), Taco Bell U.S., KFC U.S., Pizza Hut U.S. and YUM Restaurants India (India or India Division). Taco Bell has 7 stores in India, which located in three cities: Bangalore (Sony World Signal, Innovation Mall, and Brookefield Mall), Mumbai (Oberoi Mall, R City, and Viviana Mall), and Delhi (Ambience Mall). According to The Economic Times (7 Jun, 2015), Taco Bell announced its expansion into New Delhi through a tie-up with Burman Hospitality, its first franchisee partner in India. Cooperated with Burman Hospitality, Taco Bell India plans to take the store count to 25 restaurants in the next 18-24 months. The General Manager of Taco Bell & Pizza Hut, Unnat Varma, said that with a strong proof concept in Bangalore and Mumbai, they are eager to increase their footprints across India, such as Punjab, Chandigarh, and Uttarakhand. He also indicated that Taco Bell is aim to provide their signature Mexican-inspired food and break-through value to the customers who have a youthful spirit. Therefore, in some ways Taco Bell India has achieved higher awareness, growth, and success. But we still have two suggestions for their long-term development: social media can be used as an effective marketing tool, thus the general manager of taco bell in India should pay more attention on how the right use of social media can influence their brand’s popularity. Besides, do not ignore the vegetarian. According to the report provided by Research And Markets, Vegetarian fast food constitutes of around 45% of the whole fast food market in India and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18% by 2020. Thus, Taco Bell should provide more choices for Vegetarian in India.
For the other region that we tend to expand, China is the best choice. Firstly, even though Taco Bell failed in 2007, at that time, market might still be immature. In recent years, Chinese have more focused on convenient food with novelty flavor. For example, KFC has launched a Mexican burrito in China and become a huge success in the last a few years. In addition, Pizza Hut has also promoted new Taco in 2015. It could be seen that Chinese have developed a more international flavor and got a higher acceptance of Mexican food. China, as a well developing country, China has a sizable population and high consumption capacity. Therefore, we should re-enter China.

Greg Creed, Chief Executive Officer, Yum! Brands. “India is an important emerging country for Yum! as it’s projected to become the largest consumer market in the world by 2030. Our India Division has a long runway of exciting opportunities and endless possibilities to grow over the long-term.”
India is a key emerging market for Yum! Brands. It has a rapidly growing middle class and a huge, youthful population of more than 1.2 billion people with 50-percent under the age of 30. It is predicted that in the next 15 years, India will add 200 million people to the global workforce.…...

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