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Htc's Direction Under Peter Chou

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Journal Critique:
HTC With all the issues surrounding CEO’s and management Peter Chou seems to have HTC’s success at heart and the direction business must take in order to establish its brand and the personifications associated. My first choice of words must go to the initial persons who made enormous sacrifices in looking ahead and staying focus with such a vision as “nothing beats a trial but a failure”. HT Cho and Cher Wang after having the insight of doing business on such a level relocating VIA Technologies to a more viable and sustainable economy, maximizing SCM and ERP combined. Does VIA Technologies has any connections with HTC? One man’s trash is gold for another I feel they should of created a smaller

company to continue with the other business after the move was made to the metamorphosis of HTC. The gradual move form handheld devices to customized phones to notebook to their own brand HTC phones shows evolution which usually takes place in any business as time marches on and the way in which business is done has to adjust to meet demands like the Palm Pilot with the faulty Windows CE platform gave way to its extinction, their come back with the IPAQ was dead as the model was the same as the Pilot and was tasteless to clientele. The ODM business is what gave way to the transformation of HTC showing versatility in creating customized phones to please each customer is a show of customer satisfaction and confidence in HTC which came with experience as a white brand. Nokia led the way with Smart phones. By the resurgence of Apple and the back slide of Nokia, Motorola and , with the mistake that Steve Jobs made educating consumers gave way to the push of the HTC release taking advantage of the market in a timely manner and partnering with Google after Microsoft in the first instance the mobile leaders with subsidies helped to boost sales.…...

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