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Hrm Hard and Soft Styles

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In this assignment, we were given a task to prepare an essay on critical assessment of different approaches to Human Resource Management. Namely the “hard” and “soft” HRM practices identified by Storey (1989). One of the aspects from which the HRM practices will be valued is employer’s attitude towards employees. As those practices are completely different in nature, the way how management treats their workers distinguishes a lot. Therefore, comparative analysis will identify the contrast between the styles. Another aspect from which the HRM practices are going to be assessed is a pay scheme followed in each type of management.
Human Research Management as a practice and tool to manage employees in the organization evolved quite recently. The predecessor of HRM is personnel management, which came into formation due to industrial development around the world. Since the beginning of 20th century many organizations opened personnel departments, which had many responsibilities such as managing payroll, hiring and firing employees. Further tasks of this department in the organizations were to introduce new law requirements, implementation of different social and workplace safety rules. According to Guest (1998) transformation of PM into human resource management began in the end of 20th century. The main reason for development of HRM was shift of western economies towards the services economy. Therefore, quality of services became the competitive advantage for many organizations. As Storey (1995) states, human resource management remains highly controversial. Practices implemented within the organization differ from more autocratic to more democratic ones. This fact brings about key difference between hard and soft management styles.
According to Storey (1989) “hard” human resource management, is very similar to obsolete Personnel…...

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