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Incident 6-1: Human Resource Planning—What Is That? 1. How would you answer the president’s question?
Human Resource Planning is process of determining the human resource needs of an organization and ensuring that the organization has the right number of qualified people in the right jobs at the right time. Human Resource Planning consists of 4 steps which are (1) determining the impact of the organization’s objectives on specific organizational units, (2) defining the skills, expertise, and total number of employees required to achieve the organizational and departmental objectives, (3) determining the additional human resource requirements in light of the organization’s current human resources, and (4) developing action plans to meet the anticipated human resource needs.
There are also some tools in Human Resource Planning. The first one is the skill inventory which is a consolidated list of biographical and other information on all employees in the organization. Which usually consist of personal data, skills, special qualifications, salary and job history, company data, capacity of individual, and special preferences of individual.
The second is we can also use succession planning which identifies specific people to fill key positions throughout the organization. The succession planning always involve a replacement chart, where it shows both incumbents and potential replacement for given position. So this could handle the problem to avoid someone else will quit because they weren’t considered for the job. By having the replacement chart each positioned can be clear who can replace that position if the incumbent retire or leave that job.
And we can also use ratio analysis to measure the organization’s human resource vitality as indicated by the presence of promotable personnel and existing backups.

2. What would be required to establish a human…...

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