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| 2011 | | ECONOMICS TEST 1
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Ans 1: technology and globalization of business
Technology is the driving factor of globalization. Technology has led to advancement in all sections of the economy.
Communication networks: Information technology provides the communication network that facilitates expansion of the products, ideas and resources among nations and among people regardless of geographic locations.
Creating efficient and effective channels: technology create effective channels to exchange information, IT has been the catalyst of global integration.
Advancement in Optic fibers: information including voices captured in the digital form and converted into tiny pulses which are wrapped around a telecommunication wires and are sent over thousands of kilometers around the world. Fiber optics has boosted the speed and the capacity.
Transportation technology: which advancement in transportation technologies like ships, airplanes etc. have made the world smaller and easy to approach. People can sit in one part of the world and can get products from other part by just a simple phone call.
Wireless technology: mobile phones, faxes etc. has shown the world its future. Video conferencing on phones has helped companies around the world to get together and do business without having to go half way around the world for their meetings. Standardization in technology: a product produced in one part of the world can be redesigned or manufactured in other parts of the world. This would add value to the product and give high economies of scale.

Ans 5:
Toyota Motor Corporation is the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, selling over 8.4 million vehicles in 2010 on all five continents. In 27 countries Toyota has over 77 manufacturing companies. It markets vehicles to more than 170 countries worldwide. They have more than…...

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