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Office of Graduate Enrollment Management and Admissions
NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering
Six MetroTech Center
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Dear Admissions Officer:

Allow me this opportunity to endorse the application of Ms. Chang Di to the MS in Management program of your renowned university. Having directly observed the capabilities of Ms. Chang, I am confident that she possesses the qualifications you are looking for among your prospective graduate students.

Ms. Chang joined our company for a three-month internship in 2010. She assisted in the installation of water drainage pipes, adjusting the trimming slope, and in the roadbed and pavement construction. In addition, she employed ETS during the conduct of a survey in the construction site. During this period, she exhibited diligence and perseverance regardless of the challenges we encountered in our daily work. More important, she demonstrated receptivity to new concepts and skills.

Approximately three years after her first internship with us, Ms. Chang joined our company again for another internship where she was given the position of assistant to the project supervisor. Having witnessed her competence and the manifestations of her commitment to work before, my expectations were set a higher level. In this position, she verified the quality inspection report for the raw materials and the construction survey report prior to submission to the project supervisor. She likewise closely monitored the on-site construction process and status and subsequently forwarded her findings to the supervisor and engineers. Moreover, she maintained the daily log and records of the supervisor and assumed a supervisory role in the absence of her superior. Once again, she impressed me with her notable performance. In essence, Ms. Chang exceeded my expectations.

In both internships, we commended her punctuality and her…...

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