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Jesse Barrett
February 1, 2010
HUMN 432 Weapons of the Future:

Welcome to the future of technology in the 20th century. As the world progresses to grow, the weapons and technology do to. The question exist that “ What will the future be with weapons?” Will robots be built to have weapons in place of human soldiers? Many questions pop in our minds, thoughts, and opinions about what the future is capable of. In humanity today, we usually hear or see these issues from the radio, television, internet, and so on. Meaning that we can believe whatever the media is saying, but we honestly don’t know what the future holds in store for weapons, just violence. I wanted to talk about robots and the U.S. Department of Defense that will have one-third of its fighting capacity provided by robots. In this issue robots can be good or bad, just depending on the scenario at hand. The good reason is that these robots take place of human beings to save many lives. It saves humanity from risking their own lives in the line of battle, to spend more time with their loved ones. Another reason robots are good for taking out terrorist, and any other dangerous situation without feeling, emotion, or heart. On the opposite side, if robots fail or turn against their creator or humanity, just like the movie “ Terminator”, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Robots would also cause chaos if not programmed correctly to follow orders but is just required to kill. By the year 2035, the 1st completely autonomous robot soldiers on the battlefield, which would change the structure of war of humans versus robots. I can actually see this picture in my mind of how cool it would be but also how dangerous it could turn out. The reason why I say it would be dangerous because robots would cause a lot of damage to the environment and society would be ruined by technology. All humanity can do is just…...

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