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Earlier the usage of computers at home is less and more over, most of the families didn’t need or afford more than one computer. But, Now the computers at home are not just being used for e-mail but also using for school works, shopping , music, downloading and for playing games. Hence, for many families one computer is no longer enough to go around. As having multiple computers at home, home network is being a necessity. Home network is a method of allowing two computers to communicate with each other. This network allows to share files, documents, Internet connection , printers and scanners etc. To connect the two computers, network card in each computer and a cable is needed. The most commonly used cable is Category 5 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable.
Connecting two computers directly with the cable:
Ethernet Cable using a Router: This is the most commonly used network cable for wired network at home. This cable connects the wired devices together to the local network for sharing the files and to access the internet. For the Ethernet connection, the Ethernet router and cable are physically connected between each computer and the router. This is inexpensive and it works well if all the computers, routers and cable modem are located in a close area. Ethernet cable transfers the data traffic at high speed.
These are required for setting up the connection: 1. Router 2. Network interface card (NIC) in each computer 3. Ethernet Cable
Routers plays a major role in performing the task of forwarding and delivering the information. Router is a network device with a built in firewall, and it is used to transfer the data packets along networks by finding out the path of the network in an organized way, hence lowering the load of the data. Setting up of routers is very easy and flexible. The cost of routers have reduced significantly.
Direct cable…...

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