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Abstract (LINE AND SPACING, STRAIGHTEN UP IDEAS) The evolution of technology is now evolving rapidly. Businesses today are now adapting to the evolution of technology, mostly on their transaction processing and for advertisement. The developers gathered data on how to apply a computerized transaction processing system to a hotel that is in need of it. The data gathering pointed the developers to Villa Valera Hotel Resort and Lodging, an establishment that was founded by Mr. Rufino Valera in 1989, an accounting graduate from De Lasale University that always wanted to own a Hotel Resort due to its high income and would serve good to his community. After conducting an interview with the Hotel Resort’s manager Mr. Jerry Gonzaga the proponent came down with a result that their manual reservation and billing system had flaws and prone to a lot of errors that a computerized transaction processing system could eliminate, This would potentially increase the businesses efficiency in that matter. Advertisement is one more factor that the developers would like to focus on to, nowadays all advertisement from top businesses are coming from the internet due to the fact that most people today are always connected to the internet via their smart phones and computers. The developers will create a website that will have an online reservation feature and virtual tour to encourage more potential customer to help the growth of the business.

Preface (REWRITE) Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Today, almost all people have access to computers and are always connected to the internet. With today’s higher form of technology people are now capable of creating advance ways to improve our society. One way is developing computer based system that copes with day to day transactions. Computer based transaction…...

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...anticipate the time of completion. By a clearly defined scope, specified time will be assigning to develop each module in the application. From here can conclude that, virtual tour on hotel room needing more time in completion. By well-organized task and duration, the application will develop on time. PARADIGM Waterfall paradigm is important to note a large successful of projects development. Without the structure and organization provided a waterfall paradigm method, development projects would be at severe risk of missing deadlines, escalating budgets and a low quality system. As a methodology, the water fall paradigm provides the structure method, controls and checklist needed to ensure successful development figure below show the phases in software process waterfall paradigm. Preliminary investigation Requirement analysis Design Testing Construction Implementation maintenance Paradigm: Waterfall Model Waterfall paradigm prescribes stages and activities performed in each stage are describe as fallows: a) Preliminary investigation The major requirement for online hotel reservation system is to provide back office forContent management, reservation management and housekeeping management. The online hotel reservation hotel system also expected to provide a better preview of the hotel rooms. These features are in order to enhance efficiency and performance and also the service to the guest. From here, it will proceed and establishing the scope,......

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