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Is deception ever justified? It can be depending on the situation mainly to protect a loved one or one’s self. Hoodwinked is an animated film directed and written by Cory Edwards. It’s a retell of the classic fairy tale ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’ but with a twist. The film starts off with Red at Grannys house delivering goodies just like the story, but is surprised to find out that it’s actually the “Big Bad Wolf” disguised as Granny when her actual Grandmother bursts through the closet all tied up. The woodmen then smashes through the window and starts waving his axe around screaming. In the next scene the police arrive and all the suspects are in handcuffs ready to be questioned (Red, Granny, The Wolf, and the woodsman) about what happened and find out if there’s anything that can lead them to find out the identity of the goodie bandit. The four then tell their sides of the story. Red was on her way to deliver goodies to her Granny when she received a threat from the goodie bandit and decided to bring the recipe book to her Grannys house where it would be safe along the way she runs into the wolf who kept asking her questions about what was in her basket. With the help of another character Boingo the Bunny she managed to escape and reach Grannys house only to find out the wolf beat her to it. At first the chief suspected it to be the Wolf since in the original story the wolf is seen as the villain. The Wolf started his story and all he wanted was to track down the Goodie bandit and suspected it was Red and Granny since their recipes were the only ones that weren’t stolen. He chased Red through the woods and failed multiple times and thought the best way to catch her was to get to Grannys house before her. Boingo then appears and asks why they’re headed to Grannys and let them know he had a shortcut to help them get there. In the woodsman’s story he was just auditioning to play the part of the woodsman in a commercial, sad he didn’t get the part he went back to his snitzel truck to hand out schnitzel to the children only to find that it’s been robbed. Boingo appears again sympathizing the woodsmen since his schnitzel was stolen. The woodsmen gets a call back from the audition and starts chopping trees to find his inner woodsman, a tree falls down the hill giving the woodman no choice but to run down with it and he dives into Grannys house. The last story was Grannys and her story wasn’t anything anyone expected it to be, besides baking goodies she rather do extreme sports than knitting. She happened to be at a ski competition and before the competition started Boingo appears yet again asking for an autograph. Once the competition starts Granny and her team get into trouble with the Goodie bandits henchmen but ended up getting away safely. After Red heard Grannys story she felt betrayed since the two tell each other everything and she left such an important part of her life out and she would have loved to be a part of that. In Hoodwinked deception is seen in two ways with the intent to protect and from cruelty and selfishness. Boingo was a part of everyone’s story and would either appear before things got bad or after. Which would make him out to be the Goodie bandit. No one would’ve thought it was him because when you think of bunnies they’re cute and cuddly. The title of the movie fit perfectly Hoodwink means to deceive or trick someone which is what happens in the movie. Granny hid her true self in order to protect Red and not worry her and Boingo acted like a caring friend to each of the characters so he wouldn’t have been suspected as the Goodie Bandit.…...

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