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Homeopathy Homeopathy is an alternative form of medicine which involves treating individuals with “natural” substances at an attempt to trigger the body’s natural method of healing. There are three basic principles of Homeopathy. First, Homeopaths believe in the idea that you can treat “like with like.” Homeopathy contends that substances that produce symptoms in healthy people can cure those symptoms in sick people. The second is the principle of minimum dose which says that extreme dilution enhances the curative properties of a substance, while eliminating any possible side effects. Homeopathic remedies are prepared by highly diluting the substance in water or alcohol, often until none of the original substance remains. Last is the idea that when prescribing a remedy a doctor must study the person as whole. Basically your emotional characteristics and personality might match you with a different treatment then someone is exhibiting identical symptoms. This means there could be countless possible remedies for each person. (ICBS, Inc) The idea of Homeopathy has been around for around 200 years and the supporting evidence is continued to be tested and analyzed. The theory that you can treat “like with like”, or Law of Similars, was developed by Samueal Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy. Hahnemann based this idea off of his study of cinchona bark, which is used to treat malaria. Upon ingesting the substance he experienced symptoms common to malria. Hahnemann then concluded that the drug's power to cure the disease arose from its ability to produce symptoms similar to the disease itself (Barrett). The idea that high dilutions of a substance causes the substance to become more powerful is proven by the scientific claim of the memory of water. This is the assumption that water has the ability to retain a "memory" of substances once dissolved in it to its simplest dilution (Barrett). Also there are several clinical trials that prove the effectiveness Homeopathic remedies. These are double-blind studies in which one group of individuals take the remedy and another group takes a placebo. The group that takes the Homeopathic remedy often shows better results then the group that takes the placebo (ICBS, Inc). These are just a few of the arguments that Homeopathy is a valid form of medicine and science. The fact that Homeopathy has been around for 200 years is some clear cut evidence the Homeopathy does work for some people. However, just because it works doesn’t make it a convincing type of science. On the other hand, some so called “evidence” completley contradicts the scientific method. For example, Hahnemann’s Law of Similars was developed from a single observation. Saying that “substances that produce symptoms in healthy people can cure those symptoms in sick people” is an untested claim rather than a Law of Nature. Also, I was unable to find any scientific verification on the idea of “water memory.” The only facts that I could find that talks about the subject says that liquid water does not maintain ordered networks of molecules longer than a small fraction of a nanosecond (Cowan). If water memory doesn’t exist, that means that after a substance is completely diluted there are no active ingredients left for the remedies. Finally, double-blind studies are a scientifically accepted way to test the effectiveness of a treatment. It’s hard to argue against the effectiveness of a Homeopathic remedy compared to a placebo, but what about when a remedy is tested against scientific medicine. I was able to find studies in which this very strategy was implemented, along with a placebo effect, and the scientist concluded that there was not enough evidence to distinguish a Homeopathic remedy from a placebo treatment (Wagner). Whether Homeopathic remedies work for you or not, it is definitely not a science. Homeopathy and the products related to it are not scams of any kind. The people who make and sell these products truly believe that they work, however they still lack sufficent evidence tomake that claim. If placebos can trick the mind into believing that the body is getting better than I’m sure the same thing will work for Homeopathy. The problem exists in illnesses more severe than just a cold or a fever. In the research I found doctors trying to argue that Homeopathy could be the next instrument in fighting cancer. With the information provided and without any clear evidence that it works for even the smallest of concerns, it seems dangerous to risk your life on assumptions. Homeopathy might not make a diesease or illness worse, but avoiding clinical medicine that is proven to work could mean a death wish.

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