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Index 1 Acknowledgements 2 Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Design 5 Result and Implementation 6 Conclusion 7 References

I avail this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks to Mrs. Gauri Mathur our CSE-202 teacher who helped me to use my skill in the right way by giving me and by rendering all the possible help from all the sides.
Without their kind co-operation and noble assistance this project would not have been concluded. So, from the nucleus of my heart. I express gratitude to my worthy teacher for devoting his worthless time and helping me in this project.
I also feel acknowledged to my parents and my friends who encouraged me to work and complete the project .There have been others also who have motivated; corrected or customized my thoughts and I would be grateful to them from the interior of my heart.

“Thanking You”
Rishabh Tyagi (Ghaziabad)

During analysis session of my program I went through various calculator programs designed in various programming language.What I noticed that they are very complicated.So I decided to make my own code which is simple enough to understand and also able to fulfill the requirements of the project assigned.
Purpose: the purpose of this document is to describe all external requirements for Calculator with memory.
Scope: The project is a calculator with memory.The main aim of the program is to perform the basic mathematical calculations and also remember the previous result.
Requirement Analysis: Turbo c

Design and Implementation
class start
public: double ans; public:

void add(double,double); void sub(double,double); void mul(double,double); void div(double,double); void tangent(double); void cosine(double); void sine(double); void srt(double); void…...

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