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Truths about Slavery Slavery the word itself engenders many feelings and thoughts. From feelings of pity and shame, to thoughts of whips and families being torn apart. Slave traders only wanted to make a buck. However one word, one thought, one feeling could suffice, one word, horror. The horrors of slavery were illustrated in many different ways. It was shown through the laws the black slaves had to follow, the conditions the slaves had to go through to get to the states on the Veloz, and the different rolls the different states played in slavery, when slavery first began, and the going price a landowner would usually have pay to get slaves. Laws made things very difficult for the black slaves, they had to follow all the laws or they would be sentenced to death. In 1734, a black slave named Marie Joseph Angelique, from Canada, objected to slavery and she revolted. She burned down her owner’s home in Montreal in protest. The fire spread more than planned and eventually destroyed 46 buildings. She was sentenced to have her hands cut off and be burned alive but the sentence was reduced on appeal to a simple hanging. The United States Constitution adopted prohibiting the importation of slaves after 1808. Approximately 250,000 slaves were imported illegally until 1860. This declared that each slave was to be at least three fifths of one white or free person. This was called the three fifths clause and demanded the return of fugitive slaves to their masters. There was also a law that stated that black slaves could not be in groups any bigger than five. If they were in a group larger than five they were thought to be planning something against their slave owners or planning to rebel. Since there was the law of not being able to gather in groups larger than five, which made church difficult.…...

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