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Historical Foundations
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February 19, 2012

Latin was one of the languages of choice but in literature it began to change early in the twelfth century. The language beginning to be used was easily understood by all who read this particular literature. Because it was an understood and easy language it spread throughout Europe and Italy. The impact of this changed language would go on to impact a variety of areas including cultures.

Latin originated in Rome mainly used in Latium, Rome. It was used as early as the 6th century in the Etruscan alphabet (Ager 2012). Its capacity was spread over other areas of Italy, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East as an ordinary language for everyone (Ager). The alphabet had 23 letters: A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T V X Y Z with none being lower case letters, the I and V were consonants and vowels, K, X, Y, and Z were used to write Greek words, and the name Julius as it known to us today was spelled IVLIVS (Ager). The vernacular language was the language that had pushed in front of the Latin language. It was easily understood because it was written in the language used by those within the region respectively. The vernacular language is the dialect used for that particular region whether it was Spanish, French, Neapolitan or Italian to name a few (Matthews, 2012). Some examples of these languages are a poem from the Italian dialect is ritmo cassinese, ritmo which means the rhymes within the verses and cassinese derives from cassino which means the abbey of Monte Cassino and can still be found at this abbey, and a Neapolitan song Canto delle lavendale del Vomero by Roberto Murolo which goes as: Tu m`aje prommiso quatto moccatore Oje moccatore. Oje moccatore Io so` benuto se, io so benuto Se me lovuo` dare, melo vuo` dare…...

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