Hidden Techniques in Advertisements

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Hidden techniques in advertisements
Advertising has become the most useful and effective tool for companies to promote their products. By definition, advertisement is a form of “promotion of ideas, goods, and services by an identified sponsor” (qtd in Wright 13). The ability to attract consumers is the crucial key to determine if the advertisement can successfully promote the product to consumers. Usually, we can say an advertisement is successful if the product is well-known by consumers, and attract consumers to be willing to pay money for it. Each company has its special technique to persuade consumers to purchase their products through web advertisement. Estee Lauder, a distinguished cosmetics company, attracts more and more consumers to buy their products because it has unique techniques in advertisements. In a particular ad for Estee Lauder, the marketers use, web design, color and rhetorical appeals in ad to successfully increase consumption of their new released product , Resilience Lift Collection, to mid-age women.
One of the crucial keys the ad uses to attract consumers is the unique and reasonable web design which well explains the product. Instead of lengthy and gathered product information, the ad for Resilience Lift Collection divides it into small categories. The close-up facial feature of a captivating woman with the text “ Now, look as young as you feel. Our first, multi-faceted, 24-hour lift” on the side. The picture of the woman subconsciously inject the idea to consumers that Resilience Lift Collection can make consumers look as gorgeous as the woman in the picture. The text does not promote the product directly, yet gets consumer’s curiosity to what can make them feel so fantastic. Then the ad automatically changes to second picture and reveal the answer with four videos the left side. The four videos label attractive words such as…...

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