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How to Buy a Used Car Have you ever thought about buying a used car but weren’t sure what to look for? Look no further!! In this guide you will find out what to look for when buying a used car. Buying a used car isn’t easy and takes time and can be stressful. First off you’re going to need to do some research on what you’re looking for and find a price range that works for you. Once that is done and you have found something that has your interest we will need to contact the seller and arrange a time and place to meet also its good to ask ahead of time about the title status. Just about always look for a clean title. Usually at home or a local place around town works great for meeting up and always bring a friend with you who can point out something that you might have over looked and they can give a second opinion on just about anything that could be wrong with the vehicle and they can also help you negotiate the price towards the end of finalizing the deal. Meeting the seller, introduce yourself and try to relate to something, ask anything that comes to mind about the car. This is important, ask about the history of the vehicle, how long they have owned it for and what maintenance they have done to the vehicle since they have owned the vehicle before you and you really want to know that the vehicle was taken care of and not abused and beat to crap. Don’t take their word about any parts they have replaced, make sure they have all paperwork/receipts for anything that has been done to the vehicle, this is to show proof and to show that the new parts were installed at a shop. Now then let’s check over the body for ANYTHING and make note of it. Mainly look for dents, rust spots, and cracks in the body. Once you have inspected the body of the vehicle for damage, ask the seller what might have caused the damages to the…...

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Yo Yo get the substance or were under its influence? 2) How often did you try but fail to stop using it? 3) Did you try to stop using it then felt withdrawal symptoms? 4) How often did you need to use more of it than you had previously to feel its effects? Questions from Psychologist: 1) What kind of treatments do you use and how do they work 2) How do you judge if the patient is getting better? What do you do if there are no signs of progress? 3) How will family members be prepared when the patient returns home? 4) How do you treat anxiety, mood disorders and other psychological problems? Family and friends 1) What was your first reaction when you found out about your son taking drugs? 2) How have you cooperated to help him recover? (Make up answers for these questions and include them in the analysis. Use the 4 articles of the literature review to write the analysis and answers) Research Tools: Field Research: We approached various people in different settings to determine the factors that prevail in society which may be encouraging drug addicts and preventing them from recovering. We visited schools and universities and observed the scenarios there. Usually it was seen that since universities had lenient control on students and did not monitor their students as strictly as they were monitored in schools, universities had a higher rate of people who were using drugs on a routine basis. The severity of the drug addiction problem was seen more in......

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...I enjoyed this weekly reading by Du Bois. It spoke to me, and I think that it is extremely relatable in today’s society. The idea of this veil separating black people from white people in our nation is clearly visible today. On a quick side note, I am really amazed at the progression of the materials in this course! I feel that the subject area of each week’s individual can be related to the previous week, but also brings forth a new topic. That being said, my feelings toward Du Bois’ work and the idea of the veil that separates humanity is a recurring theme in my meditations. Today’s world is a place where people of different races and ethnicities are treated different from one another, solely based upon these genetic differences. The media spotlight has been on the discrimination and racism that black people face, and has resulted in a movement promoting the equal treatment and prosperity of black individuals. From police wearing body cameras on the job to ensure ethical and fair treatment of individuals, to black people being kicked out of certain political rallies, today’s world is still in a place where racism exists. I feel that there are just more reasons and excuses for it to exist in society today, and that’s why it is still going on. Du Bois says that black individuals live two separate lives: one in the black world, and one in the white world. I do agree with this statement, but I do think that it is applicable in the reverse sense as well. Individuals always...

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...And all this is gained…by ceaseless training and education” (Du Bois 7). I. In The Souls of Black Folk (Of the Wings of Atalanta), W. E. B. Du Bois expounds on the city of Atlanta, and how the black and white people are beginning to coexist. In addition, he relates the city of Atlanta with the tale of the Greek goddess—Atalanta. As the text continues, Du Bois elaborates on society’s obsession with wealth as well as the importance and crucial need of education. However, according to Du Bois, society chooses to be educated for the wrong reasons, which is where the quote comes in to play. Du Bois believes that one should not desire education for wealth or fame etc., but for the sake of becoming a richer and more prosperous character. In addition to this, Du Bois concentrates on the education of the black people in society and how the black people need to recognize their worth and that they are able. As a result, Du Bois presents his concept, the veil, which shows the black people’s insight. Overall, their skin color is obviously a major, obvious difference from the whites, but also they are taught to have a double consciousness. This means that the black people are taught to have the conceptual framework of a white person. However, it is difficult for them to view through the eyes of a white person when they hate the blacks. II. In response to Du Bois’s overall opinion on education, I could not agree more. As Du Bois states that “the thinker must think for the truth, not......

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...Aladdin – Things to Do/See: • Dessert Passage Shops • Strolling performers in the mall. • The clouded ceiling and has real full sized Moorish buildings creating the appearance of a Moorish Bazaar. Security guards dressed in kakis and red berets • One of the miracles not to be missed during your Desert Passage visit is the live rainstorm at Merchant's Harbor, featuring thunder, lightning and pouring rain. Catch the cloudburst every hour on the hour Monday through Thursday, and every half-hour Friday through Sunday. Free • Desert Tattoos provides henna tattoos, bindis, belly rings, Indian head dresses and other crystal body art. They use only all natural red and brown henna that lasts from 1 to 3 weeks. Tattoos are priced by design but start at $10. Desert Tattoos can be found in Sultan's Palace, across from Sharper Image. 702-303-4117 Bally’s- Things to Do/See: • free slot pull out front that you can do once a day so long as you have a Park Place slot card . • There is a large video amusement arcade in the basement. • Paris and Bally's are connected via Le Boulevard, the crossover corridor between the two resorts filled with upscale specialty retail shops and Très Jazz, a gourmet restaurant offering live jazz music and "New World Caribbean" cuisine. • A continuous promotion at Bally's, gives MVP Slot Club Card members a chance for a FREE Slot Pull with a chance to win a million dollars. One pull per person, per day between 9 am and 1 am. Many other smaller prizes...

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