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Review for Head, Neck, Lymphatics, Eye, Ear, Nose, Mouth, Throat
unit 3

eyes= should be in line how.. if not in line..


Fontanels-should be- if bulging = if sucken =
-closes around=
-closes around=

pregnant- what may occur.. what does it look like.. enlargment of what.. headachs occur beacue of.. preeclampsia syndrome is.. what increases.. this can ..

lymphatics- are.. provides.. by producing.. picks up what..

Lymph nodes- should be- if they are this may be ..
enlargment of lymph nodes is called..

PIH-headaches- mostly due to =
-evertyhing is=
-pain is=
-ocurrs with=
-pain is=
-pain is=
-there is no=

bloody nose

Bruit= sound like
-due to=
-which will=
=and will=
-use what part to listen=

Crepitation/ TMJ syndrome= may indcate=

Causes of tracheal shift=it is maybe to due to *
-is a =
-what happens with the trachea=

Hyperthyroidism= is the gland is= person is= weight= bowel movement= dieases= eyes= hair= feels=

hypothyroidism= is lowers the- loss of- deficiency of- mostly in- person is- weight- feels- dieases- temperal artery should feel= should not be- can lead to if it is-

thyroid gland is the must be- palpating for- if there is may indicate- enlargment of the thyroid will appear when..

neck ROM should not - if there is-

carotid artery should not.. listen for.. look for.. may indicate..

hydrocephalus is caused by-

acromegaly is due to

bells palsy is affecting the

parkinsons disease is decreses in it is a

cushing syndrome is looks like

brain attack is causes hashimotos thyroiditis is an mostly occurs in someone with.. mostly in..

fetal alcohlol syndrome is.. happens when.. effects the infants..

unit 4 eyes Myopia is the light rays ..

Hyperopia=is the light rays..

Presbyopia =is mostly occurs with..

nystagmus= is weakness in..

infants= what should be seen if not what might it be

pregnant= what happens to the eyes why should they not get perscibtions

double vision- complication of the.. can also be due to ...

burning itching eyes- can be due to..

Floaters= are.. it is..

Glaucoma, = due to .. causes.. looks like.. what do you need to do asap..

Cataracts,= is a due to .. everything will look.. cant ..

What does the Snellen chart tell us?= pt must stand... what does 20/50 mean

jaeger/ rosenbaum test is for.. pt must be

6 cardinal fields of gaze tests for .. what might occur.. that is.. could be a ..

Consensual constriction= is the if the illuminated pupil fails to constrict.. if the unilluminated pupil fails..

PERRLA= p e r r l a

accommodation is testing.. lack of convergence means.. failur of the pupils to constrict means..

blepharitis is the causes.. chalazion is arising from .. does not.. unless.. Conjunctivitis= is .. looks .. due to..

hordeolum is consider a .. result of a .. looks like.. casuses.. Iritis= is a looks like.. pupils are.. cause of..

periobital edema regers to occurs with.. problems may be...

Ptosis= is= can be due to a.. or a ..

Retinopathy, = diabetic is it is not.. changes occur in the.. what might happen.. can cause..

hypertensive retinopathy is a .. response to.. accompany.. diretinopathy= is disease of the.. starts off with.. then..

Macular Degeneration, =is and is from the pt will see.. opposite of what..

red reflex is should be if not what does that mean

Ears auricle/ pinne- is the..

helix-is the..

tragus-is protects the.. if there is pain..

lobule-is the..

cerumen-is.. in blacks/whites.. in asians/natives..

tympanic membrane- is the.. looks.. sucked in means.. bulgy means.. thick yellow bloody drainage means.. clear watery drainage means.. left ear is at.. right ear is at..

in childern= the auditory canal is.. to examine ... prone to infectons becasue..

adults= to examine..

pregent=why do they get earaches..

older= what grows.. tm looks.. loss of.. presbycusis means..

otitis externa= means.. due to .. casues.. otitis media- means.. due to.. looks.. pt can get.. occurs more in..

scarred tm is.. due to..

preforation of tm means.. due to.. may look like..

hemotympanum is.. due to.. looks.. tophi is.. due to.. sign of..

mastoid process is.. mastoiditis is.. due to .. hard to treat becasue..

tinnitus is.. caused by.. or..

hearing loss can be..

whisper test evaluates..

rinne test for.. bone conduction is.. air conduction is.. ratio should be.. if not that mean..

weber test - evaluates .. should be.. if abnormal ..

romberg test assesses .. what is normal..

mouth uvula- hard palate- soft palate-

infants are.. baby bottle tooth decay is..



dysphagia is.. diganosis is..

dysphasia is.. what type of problem.. tongue coated white hair means.. called.. black hairy tongue is both are caused by.. throat.. "ahh" means.. if it does not happen the pt has..

gingival hyperplasia is.. due to..

gingivitis is.. caused by.. or.. if untreated ..

tonsillitis is.. looks like.. tonsular stones..

smooth tongue is.. lack of..

carcinoma is..

leukoplakia is cannot.. due to.. can be..

nose/ sinuses sinuses *
should not be.. if they are it indicates..

sinusitis is.. may be a .. can cause..

turbinates are.. make the air.. attracks. septum should be.. deviated septum is.. due to.. perforated septum is.. due to..

mucosa should be.. if swollen means.. pale/boggy/swollen means..

nasal polyps are.. this means the pt has..

pregnant will have epistaxis why.. will have rhinitis why... sense of smell..

older sense of smell.. so appetite will.. causing.. hair nose will..

epistaxis is.. follow by.. pt is.. nurse needs to take..

anosmia is..

rhinitis is.. due to.. common signs are.. acute rhinitis is.. allergic rhinitis is.. pt is..…...

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